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5 Tips On How To Learn Arabic

Arabic is considered as one of the most difficult languages to learn, especially for English speaker, Arabic is the same as learning Chinese and Pushto. It is time taking process and any book that claims to be master in Arabic is lying. Arabic is the official language and spoken in 26 Middle East and North American countries including Yemen Tunisia Sudan and Lebanon. People learn Arabic because of many reasons for trading in Arab countries, for work, for family, for marriage, or new friendship with Arab, for marriage, for traveling in Arabic. Many people learn this language by considering it as a hobby.  


Tel-Hai College from Israel, which offers Arabic spoken course, write some tips to learn Arabic effectively and efficiently.

Set goals:

If you want to become pro in year then you will have high motivation to learn Arabic. If you are not motivated then you cannot speak English fluently, in contrast, high motivation will allow you to learn and speak more efficiently and fluently. However, learning any language never stops, even anyone is fluent in the respective language. If you are unable to set goals, then you cannot learn Arabic as well as any other language.

Set Time:

You will have to make a habit to manage a time space for learning Arabic; it is preferred to manage time on a daily basis. It is highly recommended to commit your self to learn at least for one hour likewise you are managing time for bathing and eating food. Same as this you should have to treat with this task. In beginning, it would be difficult to manage in the start, so manage 20 min. would be enough but it should keep on increasing daily. If you will become able to do this then you will get positive results. Make it sure to set that time which is feasible for you.

Divide your big tasks in Chunks:

One cannot become fluent in a week or in a month, so break your task /goals into smaller (e.g. for writing a paragraph in Arabic you will have plenty of knowledge of vocabulary including words). Learn some words by writing on some pad with a translation of that word.

Passionate about learning a language:

You should have a passion for learning Arabic. One can learn Arabic by making those friends who are fluent in Arabic, by watching Arabic TV Channel, by listening to Radio. Remember one thing, while listening Arabic you cannot understand the whole content but keep it as daily exercise. By this Activity, you will improve the accent and you will find a change in yourself after some time.

Be motivated and keep practicing:

Be motivated, and keep practicing by speaking with Arabic friend, with this you find new words. Moreover, there are many free sources on the internet from where you can learn Arabic without paying. This activity will not only increase your friend circle but also increase job opportunities.

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