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Creative and Useful Kitchen Items You Would Like To Have Now

Make your cooking life easier with these curious and incredibly inexpensive items. So, the cooking can be a lot more fun!

Joke attempt aside, it is very difficult to cook with pleasure when one does not have certain magical utensils. We have separated only the best and cool utensils that promise to leave your kitchen worthy of master chef.


  1. Cutting and serving pizza shears

You who suffer trying to cut the mass of those poorly sliced pizza; you know how to turn from now! Just fit the scissors under the pizza and cut it like a sheet of paper. Then just serve on the plate.

  1. Mug that mixes the drink with a click

Just push a button and you have your coffee with mixed milk equally. The magic mug takes 2 AA batteries and only with the click you control how long the drink should continue mixing. Practical too!

  1. Hutzler Popcorn Bucket

You know that boring corn that you end up chewing on thinking it was dry and crunchy popcorn. Never again will it bother your important moment!

  1. Charles Viancin Silicone lid

With this colorful item you cover any surface and you will never need foil! Just put it on and give it a little squeeze as the silicone attaches to the surface. You can take it to the freezer or microwave.

  1. Toss and chop salad chopper

For those who die of laziness to wash the dishes, the less dirt, the better! Place the vegetable or fruit you wish to slice into a bowl, fit into the cut of the scissors and descend the saw. And ready!

  1. Serving tongs

It is a tool to hold and lift things; it comes in several forms tailored for specific uses. You can buy serving tongs in nipper or pincer forms.