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Dangerous Places to Visit in the World

Our mind automatically detects danger and sends alarming signals to our body to perform immediate actions to avoid any danger. When it comes to visiting world’s most dangerous palaces, our mind reacts similarly, making us aware of all the possible risks. Well, there’re some people who are always ready to put their life on risks and can do anything to fill their desire. With this in mind, we’ve made a list of world’s most dangerous places to help all those wanting to go to the adventurous places.



We all know that the political situation of Egypt is quite bad and no one can take risk by visiting this unstable territory. Anything can happen to you and you can’t do anything. The top attractions of Egypt include – Muhammad Ali Mosque, Egyptian Museum, Egyptian pyramids, Karnak and more.


Guatemala is quite notorious for crimes and you would be lucky if you don’t get trapped by any burglar. It is home to several volcanoes, ancient Mayan places and rainforests. There’s so much you can enjoy but its poor situation will make you think twice. Tikal, Dulce River, National Palace, Museo Popol Vuh and San Francisco Church are the major attractions of Guatemala.

Delhi, India

Girls, you should avoid going to Delhi as anyone can come and rape you without any fear. The number of rape cases in the capital of India is getting higher. Still, you want to go to this place? You can do this at your own risk. However, it’s a great place to explore colorful culture of India.


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