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Everything You Need To Know About Wave Live Wallpapers App & the Wallpaper Maker

Wave Live Wallpapers is a popular 3D live wallpaper app designed for Android devices. It is getting ground among the majority of smartphone users all over the world. This is because it has everything you’d expect in a costly 3D wallpaper app, including a Live Wallpaper Maker.

Wave Live Wallpapers 3D Art

Reasons Why it’s Getting Popular by the Minute

  • All of the 3D live wallpapers are battery optimized, meaning you won’t have any battery issues if you consistently use this app. Video rendering is paused when the screen is closed or an app is running. 
  • If you don’t like seeing ads, you can subscribe to the premium package to download cool backgrounds. However, if you can’t afford their premium package, you should support the wallpaper artwork by watching ads
  • Any type of personality can find a little piece of pocket fun art to enjoy as their phone background.
  • Creative spirits have a prolific live wallpaper maker at their fingers to help them produce amazing designs, like 3D wallpapers.

With a rich collection of designer-made phone backgrounds, the app provides you with different types of aesthetic live wallpapers: Parallax 2D, Parallax 3D, Live 3D interactive, and video wallpapers. All free wallpapers can be used by anyone and meet all high-definition and high-quality demands for the contemporary smart live wallpapers. Every wallpaper will suit and fit the screen resolution of the phone. Parallax 2D produces animated backgrounds using 2 layer depth technology. Parallax 3D utilizes up to four graphic layers for a background to form a 3D wallpaper when moving your phone. Live 3D interactive wallpapers are touch-sensitive animated wallpapers that react to your fingers. As their name suggests, video wallpapers are based on special 3D effects and amazing video footage.

And yes, if you’re wondering, the cool part is that you can also create basically any type of live wallpaper with Wave’s in-app Wallpaper Maker.

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