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Goods and Services on Which Zero VAT is Implied

Vat has been implemented in the people of UAE since January 2018. Since then, taxable people are obliged to pay 5 per cent tax on all of their taxable goods and services.

Is everybody living in UAE obliged to pay VAT?

No, not everybody who lives in UAE is obliged to pay VAT. There is a proper threshold for a person to get register Vat in UAE. If someone crosses that, he would have to pay VA but if not, he wouldn’t have to pay VAT at all.

People who are in the market dealing with certain things are obliged to pay VAT only IF their taxable goods and supplies cross that threshold. If not, there is no implication of VAT on such a person.

Goods and Services on Which Zero VAT is Implied


It seems like VAT has changed the lives of the people. they have started to fear about VAT. This is not what they should be doing because VAT has nothing bad for them.

In UAE, the VAT rate is not huge at all. people have to pay such a meagre amount as TAX. the tax that they pay will get used for their own welfare in the long run.

Some goods and services are taxable but some are not!

No matter what stage of a production the product is, VAT is to be paid for it at any cost. if not, serious consequences would get faced by the person trying to avoid this tax but still, there are some states in which it is not mandatory for the person to pay VAT. And If you want to know more about Vat you can reach Farahat & Co for more info.

Zero rating for non-taxable goods and supplies

When some goods as well as services are exported from a state who comes under GCC to non-GC, no tax is applied to them at all.  this is also referred to as zero rating and the transport of the international goods and passengers also come in this category. This also includes the transfer that starts from the UAE and ends in the UAE.

air, seal and land delivery

Zero rating is not only applied to the above-mentioned things but also on the air, sea or land delivery. If any sort of ships is used for the rescue of the masses, zero tax rating is applied to them as well.

Precious metal delivery- zero rating

If any sort of delivery of metals that are precious is occurring, not a would get implied on it.

Residential building

In case of the delivery of any sort of residential building in the time of three years after they get completed no matter whether by sale or lease, as a whole or in small parts are subjected to zero tax rating.

All the people must know where the tax is implemented and where not. If not, they can get conned and people can deceive them under unknown conditions. This is why in order to stay away from such troubles, you must have the basic knowledge of the VAT. This will not only save you from the cons but will also help you in getting an insight into the VAT in UAE.