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Top Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery

From the last few years, cosmetic surgery has become very popular and is growing rapidly. Really, people are very conscious about their looks and can do anything to look good. The cosmetic surgery allows people to modify their face or body parts according to their desires. It may sound good to anyone wanting to look awesome but there’re some severe side effects of cosmetic surgery that should also be taken into consideration before making final decision.


Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is one of the potential dangers of cosmetic surgery. Your face might get worse, ruining the rest of your life. Tingling and numbness are very common side effects of cosmetic surgery. Women may lose nipple sensation after breast augmentation. So, think twice before going for cosmetic surgery.


It has been observed in many cases that cosmetic surgery may leave some permanent scars, making it your terrible experience. Though, the risk rate is a bit low but you should keep this in mind and consult with your surgeon to make sure that there won’t be anything like this.

Anesthesia problems

Anesthetics play a great role in cosmetic surgery, controlling blood pressure, breathing and heart rate during the operation. Patients don’t feel any pain during the whole surgery. But this could lead to many other severe problems such as stroke, lung infection heart attacks and even death. Other possible risks comprise waking up disoriented, confused and shivering. Patients can even wake up right in the middle of the surgery which is also a horrifying thing for both surgeon and patient.

Blood Loss

Blood loss is also very common during cosmetic surgery and can lead to deadly outcomes. It can happen both internally and externally during the operation. Sometime, uncontrolled may also result in death.