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United Phosphorus Director Splits with his Wife of Eleven Years

Jaidev Shroff, The Aspiring Executive Director of United Phosphorus is among the leading industrialists in India Today. Recently, he has become a part of news headlines. It seems like his Divorce case is getting more attention with every hearing. Shroff called quit after 11 years of marriage with Poonam Bhagat. Bhagat is known for her artistry and she is among the elite art patrons in the whole country.


Jaidev first met Poonam at the Divorce Proceedings of his first marriage. He married Poona in 2005. For years, it seemed like a happy union but that cover was blown after a long time when Jaidev filed for divorce and accused his wife of severe punishable crimes including Black Magic, and mistreatment of his 2 daughters.

Jaidev worked on his case with great care and provided solid evidence at first hearing to aid his cause. Jaidev submitted video and audio recordings of Poonam conversing with a Magician. This magician is believed to the one who has supplied Poonam with a magic potion. In light of the evidence, Jaidev made a pledge to the jury to prevent his wife to ever enter their home again.

Things are not working well for Poonam as this Is not the only case filed against her at this moment. She is also accused of stealing around 4 Crore by her business associates. While the hearings continue and the case is taking surprising turns, no one knows what the end result will be. But one thing is for sure, things aren’t going well for the Art patron. She was even called once with her mother in court for testimony.  Jaidev continues to fight the case against his wife and awaits next hearing to make sure the case reaches it’s fair conclusion. According to him, it’s the best thing for all.